Do you know how to execute 8 different nikyos? Here’s how…

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Hi! I’m Stanley Pranin, publisher of Aikido Journal. I’ve devoted my life to aikido, to both the practice of the art and the study of its fascinating history. During the 20 years I spent in Japan, I published hundreds of articles on aikido and its Founder Morihei Ueshiba and studied aikido under Morihiro Saito, 9th dan.

Preparing a lesson using the “Complete Guide to Aikido”!

“The Complete Guide to Aikido” is my attempt to make it possible to rapidly access the entire aikido curriculum in literally seconds. You will be able to use your time for practice and study, not looking here and there to try to locate the instructional materials you need. Through a simple interface, you’ll have the ability to quickly access over 500 empty-handed and weapons techniques via 1,100 links to videos and technical explanations in book format. This is the most extensive technical reference on aikido ever compiled!


1. The problem that I — and every other aikidoka — have faced… until now!

If you’ve been practicing aikido for any length of time, you’ve collected a sprawling library of books, videotapes, DVDs, and probably a large number of video files stored on your computing devices. Good luck if you’ve ever attempted to pinpoint a specific technique or group of techniques for detailed study! “Let’s see, which book has the techniques I’m looking for? Let me check the ‘Table of Contents’… Oh, I remember it was on one of those DVDs… which one was that? Maybe I can find it on youtube… God, there are so many videos, half of them mislabeled and of poor quality! I’ve spent an hour now, and I still haven’t found what I want! This is really frustrating!” Sound familiar? Hey, this is the story of my life!

2. What does the aikido curriculum consist of anyway? Do I really need to learn hundreds of techniques?

If you’ve ever read a book or article talking about the aikido curriculum, you’ve often heard it mentioned that the art includes literally “hundreds of techniques”. Ok, let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you practice hundreds of different techniques at your dojo? Can you rattle off the names of these hundreds of techniques and describe how they are organized into a cohesive system? If you were inclined to investigate the matter further, what reference could you consult to find all of these techniques neatly organized? No place! It doesn’t exist, or more precisely, hasn’t existed until now!

3. Who can I consult to get the best expert advice on aikido techniques? 

Good question! Truly there have been a number of top level aikido instructors in the postwar era. Names like Gozo Shioda, Kenji Tomiki, Koichi Tohei, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Seigo Yamaguchi, and others immediately come to mind. Yet there is one particular teacher, who purely from a technical standpoint, stands out for his total mastery of this vast curriculum bequeathed by Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba. His name is Morihiro Saito, and there are some very good reasons why many practitioners regard him as the gold standard for aikido technical matters…

4. So what’s the solution I came up with to enable anyone to find and study any Aikido technique quickly? 

Let me briefly describe what I wanted to accomplish when I created what I decided to call “The Complete Guide to Aikido”. First of all, I wanted to locate the best instructional material on all of the core and legacy techniques of aikido taught by Morihiro Saito Sensei. This included the contents of the Aiki Ken and Jo curriculum. Next, I felt a need to organize this huge volume of information in such a way that it could be quickly and easily accessed. This involved creating a compact interface that would allow anyone to locate materials on a specific technique in just a few seconds with only a couple of clicks. Here’s what I came up with…

5. How would it affect your progress in aikido if you could access and get expert instruction on any aspect of the curriculum in just seconds? 

You want to be able to quickly locate all the relevant data on aikido techniques from an knowledgeable expert, then thoroughly understand and practice them in order to steadily improve your skill level. You want to concentrate on the learning process, not hunting around for materials. Finding quality study learning material should be be quick and easy. After all, we live in a computer age. Why should your have to search through a stack of books, videotapes, and DVDs, not to mention countless poorly edited videos on youtube, to find what you need?


For the first time ever, you will have an incredible resource at your fingertips to answer all of those questions that pop up about the correct execution of aikido techniques. Morihiro Saito, 9th dan, will be your expert guide.

Whenever you need detailed visual aids in the form of in-depth videos and written explanations, at the click of a link you’ll be able to zip to precisely the material you need to clarify all of the specifics about a given technique or category of techniques.

Life is short! Your precious time should be spent on the actual learning progress. Now, for the first time, this is possible. No other aikido technical resource of this magnitude and quality has ever been published. “The Complete Guide to Aikido” will be your constant companion. All of your training mates will wonder what you’ve been up to when your technical skills suddenly start improving rapidly!


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Yours in Aiki,

Stanley Pranin



  1. Comments from readers on the “Complete Guide to Aikido”

    John Herr: Learning a technique so that it is lodged in muscle memory and is reflexive it needs to be either practiced, thought about or watched and the total is 5,000. This is an outstanding reference for both student and teacher to accomplish this. Their is no finer reference resource than this. Thank you Sensei Pranin.

    Mark DeFillo: It looks truly amazing. In terms of cost-effectiveness, consider this – as a rule, books and other published resources on Aikido contain representative samplings of techniques, usually a very similar set of core-curriculum techniques (those most commonly practiced, and required for kyu & dan promotion). By contrast, this resource – a subscription web-site – aims at comprehensive accessibility to the whole set of techniques for which instruction by Morihiro Saito Sensei is available.

    With this contrast in mind, then, it is clear that if one spent the equivalent price on a pile of books and/or DVDs, one would have far less coverage of Aikido’s techniques than from this Complete Guide site.

    One might possibly manage to acquire the best combination of Saito Sensei’s previously published materials – but then, as Pranin Sensei says, there is the lengthy hassle of actually finding the particular technique you want in a pile of books and DVDs, or else on the Net or one’s hard drive. But if one buys access to this site, they’re all listed, in a logical arrangement with several directions of approach, on one user-friendly page. No need to scroll through the list, as the table at the head of the page locates the right section of the list with a click Just another click or two gets you the video or written material you need.

    Tom Collings: Congratulations and thank you for providing this product on one the most misunderstood Martial Arts today. Modern Aikido is practiced in countless variations. Nobody and I truly mean nobody has put in the time, energy and effort decade after decade that you have. If anyone has the most comprehensive information out there it would be you Stan.

    Bogdan Heretoiu: Outstanding academic tool, Sensei Pranin. Congratulations and thank you! I am curious to what extent do you plan to expand this database with style-variation, meaning other Sensei besides Saito Sensei? That’s not saying that the Saito Sensei legacy is not more than enough study material to last a lifetime of practice, because it is. I am simply curious on how you envision the convergence of various styles born out of the minds and practice of first-hand students of O’sensei. It seems like a huge task, important nonetheless. Thank you! You never cease to amaze me with your passion for Aikido and the historical accuracy regarding this art.

    Alejandro Villanueva: Most excellent, Stan. Congratulations on the successful delivery of your baby!!

    Adam Baynham: Thank you, Stanley. This is an amazing work, and I think I speak for all aikidoka who we have all been waiting for something like this.

    S.C. Lim: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Stanley Pranin Sensei, for this wonderfully comprehensive reference tool (“The Complete Guide to Aikido”), the solution for my befuddlement in the midst of an over abundance of (chaotic) documentation!

    Adam Baynham: Wow, Stanley Pranin, this is a fantastic work! Thank you so much for your time and commitment on this project. Now everything I need is in one place, and it’s so easy to find what I’m looking for.

    This is a great guide for all aikidoka, and will be with me always. It gives you access to hundreds of techniques in mp4 format, and all techniques are explained in pdf format.

    I have had about two hours on this guide so far. I got it today, and now I am a master of aikido! Hahaha! Only joking… But really, and on a serious note, you are going to learn so much from this guide, so if you have not yet got it, you need to asap.

    Morihiro Saito’s “Complete Guide to Aikido” is amazing! And thanks so much to the maker of this fantastic guide, Stanley Pranin.

    Jorge L. Lopez: Simply EXCELLENT. It is really worth the money I paid for it. And since it is online, it is always, and anywhere available.

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