“Petrol Money – Is Aikido For Its Own Sake Extreme?”, by Nev Sagiba

Some people practice Aikido because they love it whilst others comparatively fail at it because they try to make it too much of a commercial venture.

Pure science, that of discovery never made a penny but the technologies that come from it have been exploited to the tune of many trillions of dollars globally.

Why the divide? Why the disparity?

The goose lays the golden eggs but no-one seems to care to reward that goose by feeding it.

Some ancient cultures did not suffer as we do from extremes of fear-based greed, the very cause of the bulk of violence, aggression and war. They thrived for a long time but are selectively not often included in our narratives of prehistory because they don’t conform to prejudice.

Whether my dojo ever made a profit, broke even, or had to be subsidized was never a concern of mine. I train for Aikido. Money I make by working for it. When necessary I financed my dojo myself. At other times, it made some small pocket money or when owning a car, sometimes petrol money, although with the escalation of petrol prices my other work has had to maintain the cars more and more.

When it came to a choice between Aikido and owning a shiny would-be rust bucket, I chose walking. Walking augments Aikido anyhow. In my teens if it was a choice between eating and Aikido, Aikido would win and I’d return to my flat to an empty fridge and boiled rice. Not recommended. Had I eaten better I could have trained even harder instead of running on youthfulness as fuel. (In those days miso had not arrived in Australia. It would have helped nourish me better.)
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“Clearing the Cache – What’s Really There Right Now,” by Nev Sagiba

“Clarity has been sought after from time immemorial by warriors seeking exemption from defeat…”

Most people live, survive and fight from memory. That’s why they lose.

Wars of aggression initiated for whatever purpose and under whatever pretext arise from outdated information simmering in diseased minds constipated with distorted concepts.

Herein lies the conundrum of human aggression. The browser is not receiving current information, as it exists, in the moment.

The universe and its evolution has been labouring for 15 billion years, and the best we can come up with is cardboard hamburgers, masses of fat ignorant nose picking bogans incessantly addicted to buying stuff they don’t need without even knowing why they are doing it, pollution and governments that rely on theft following mass murder? What will they do when they run out of victims? Turn on their own?

If that’s the case, we have no destiny as a species. Perhaps a black hole.

Simulating what cancer does is no formula for a sustainable and happy humanity.

Apparently in the mists of a long ago superstitious “time,” some cosmic nutter calling himself “the lord” went on a spree and decided to use recombinant chimp genes to produce a species whose behaviours resemble that of aggressive baboons. These unwanted swarms then acquired technology as could wrought such destructivity as to replicate the asteroid belt.
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“Learn and Forget!”, by Nev Sagiba

“Intellectual remembering is not the purpose of Budo training. Indeed, in the thick of it you will be hard pressed to “think” of anything at all.”

I think we’ve fallen a long way behind those ancients, who at least regards combat, had half a clue about what they were doing.

Some people think they have to intellectually “learn techniques” and others like to imagine that untrained simplification will be sufficient. Then we have the academic masters of opinions and also the sports contest specialists.

Sporty mindsets will not save you in real combat. I’m not talking about some little old lady or someone half your size raising their voice, but real and deadly attack outside the cozily predictable protection of “the ring” with its single and unarmed opponent. The paradigm of sport is riddled with the bending of context. We all know what these fake constructs are. If you don’t, I can’t help you. Find out while there is still time for you.

Theories are wonderful, but only if they portray the result of experience in a meaningful way. Even then, conveying this with mere words is a hit and miss affair. It has to be actively practiced regularly. Otherwise it’s merely warming the air with waffle.

Of untrained simplification there is nothing to be said, except: find out the hard way.

This leaves us with why we have to “learn techniques.”

Who said anything about “learning” anything?

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“I Am The Universe!” by Nev Sagiba

A newborn is simple and lives in the moment unattached to the convoluted trivia the confused wrestle with. He or she embodies the whole Universe in each breath.

“Unless ye become as little children… the kingdom of harmony will evade you..”

A very old person about to die becomes as that child again.

How would it be to capture that simplicity whilst in our prime instead of having to lose our faculties before we can do so? The clarity of direct perception every Zen and other aspirant of illumined consciousness seeks. I AM THE UNIVERSE!

I am the Universe..

What did Morihei Ueshiba mean? What was he alluding to?

Recently I heard a goon with megalomaniac tendencies take exception at Ueshiba’s statement and disparage it.

Much like the grain of sand in the oyster, that got me working on making pearls out of the irritation.

The critic felt threatened by Ueshiba’s, “I am the Universe!” statement reaching for the ultimate. Yet, this individual is quite happy to make preposterous egotistic claims that don’t reach the ultimate, rather he flings about wild and unprovable claims to be the incarnation of the biggest and best of history. Once, the lunatic asylums were full of these bogus “reincarnations” claimants.

Ueshiba made the assertion: I AM THE UNIVERSE! Not Leonardo da Vinci returned or Genghis Khan or Napoleon and the like. Notice how no one ever claims to be a reincarnation of one of the millions of beggars, outcasts, criminals, disenfranchised or seven billion unknowns. The nutters always claim famous historical figures to bolster their present insecure frailty. Does it really matter if or who you were in a past life, if indeed such a thing exists as the rather blunt beliefs imply? If so, more so what you did with that experience. What lessons did you extract from the experience that make you a better contributor today. More important are your actions of today, right now. How you contribute usefully to adding value, nurturing and protecting life in the time you find yourself. Your footsteps not your words. The fruit of your actions are what count.

Famous characters of past history are long dead and gone. Forever. Dust. In some cases, their contributions remain. The Universe is not only eternal but also perennial and all the time right here now fully available free of charge. Well, there is a price, but that takes the form of misogi and shugyo, personal disciplines which clarify the body-mind connection. And perhaps how we measurably serve the world, the planet and all life for the greater betterment. To name just a few, Morihei, was responsible for preserving and protecting the Kumano region national parks*, developing Hokkaido, protecting fishermen’s right and numerous socially beneficial and uplifting reforms now nationally accepted in Japan. And of course he has beneficially influenced the world with the advent of Aikido. Posthumously, Ueshiba was honoured as a National Treasure! Not that he would care. He simply did what he knew to be right and had the courage to do so, in many cases in the face of a certain measure of personal risk.
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“Three Critical Assumptions,” by Nev Sagiba

When someone plans to assault you, they usually take care to make sure that the assault will be as unfair as possible so as to advantage them and disadvantage you.

Of course, when you successfully defend yourself they will whine and attempt to say that you used “asymmetrical” means, but that is mere misdirection to detract from the fact that they were in fact doing the “asymmetry” in the first place. That’s what any attack is, irrespective of cute rhetoric attempting to give it a fancy dress. Most judges see through this charade.

Never will you get six weeks notice in writing in triplicate giving you advanced warning of the attacker’s intention. This would constitute sufficient evidence of intent in civilised land to warrant an arrest.

Nor do the malintentioned send one single anorexic midget. Having said that, never underestimate a midget or a transvestite in a fight. The midget has not only the lower centre of gravity (Shades of O’Sensei), but also better short path targeting of areas I would consider vital.

As for transvestites they are as strong as a man and as cunning as a woman. The combination makes danger plus. ‘Nuff said.

But mostly, assaults are not exotic, rather carefully planned and dangerous. (Fortuitously, those who rely on violence generally have several screws loose, so their planning capabilities are often self-defeating provided you are not intimidated by appearances.)

So what are these things you must always assume?

1/ That attackers will size you up and try to send someone bigger and/or stronger.

2/ That there will most often be more than one.

3/ That they will usually seek to arm themselves.

Anything else is not usually a fight, but a scuffle with nothing much at all to harmonize. You probably could talk your way out of at least half single person attacks. If you do in fact practice Aikido and not social chit chat dance, the single attacker will use you as a means of seppuku.

Aikijutsu was designed for real situations and not sport, and that is what gives Aikido its unique way of moving. It’s not really for self-obsessed egotistic dancing to feel “spiritually” important in denial of reality as it is.

Aikijutsu was designed to face reality of the harshest variety such as cosy suburb dwellers seldom, if ever, come across.

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“A Successful Defence Takes Place Before The Attack,” by Nev Sagiba


When you see anything from a brawl to a major war you are witnessing inept fools playing catch-up!

In the case of media cover ups-of wars, more so. Obfuscation does not make reality go away. Suppressing facts about incompetence is the skill of fools. It merely makes a lie and a mockery of our pretext to be civilised, thinking beings.

Sun Tzu, was an enlightened strategist. He clearly understood the principles involved, Hence, “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

In the next step up there is no appearance of war. Not because the media is suppressed but because victory is already in hand, advanced victory, the physical side of it becomes irrelevant. Fool is the man who thinks that by turning up to be killed he stands any chance of anything other than being killed. Or being left standing in an empty field with no response. The violent fool ignored, left behind by a world moving forward into a bright future.

“Even standing with my back toward the opponent is enough. When he attacks, hitting, he will injure himself with his own intention to hit. I am one with the universe and I am nothing else. When I stand, he will be drawn to me. There is no time and space before Ueshiba of Aikido — only the universe as it is.” Morihei Ueshiba

Now either these men were inhaling seasonal mushroom spores or their consciousness was attuned to a realm that those who choose to remain somnambulistic cannot reach.

Ueshiba lends some clarity with his references of, “Budo is God’s Love, the spirit of loving protection for all beings…” and “Budo is not for felling our opponent by our force; nor is it a tool to lead the world into destruction with arms. True budo is to accept the spirit of the universe, keep the peace of the world, correctly produce, protect and cultivate all beings in nature… The training of Budo is to take God’s love, which correctly produces protects and cultivates all things in Nature and assimilate and utilize it in our own mind and body.”

On this basis, before any meaningful or lasting victory of any kind can be achieved we first need to be working towards attaining Masakatsu Agatsu. True victory.
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“Will Aikido Survive?” by Nev Sagiba

Photo credit: http://skbu.cz/

Photo credit: skbu.cz

“The influence of Aikido is unstoppable. It will continue to progress further than we can now see into the distant future.”
The history which led to the arrival of Aikido as we now know it, was a long one. Many hundreds of years.

But is there as much of a driving need for the physical survival attributes of the art now as then?

Is the art at risk of becoming a quasi religious cult replete with superstitious beliefs and myths about its history?

What has driven Aikido?

What are the forces that led to its phenomenal popularization following WW2?

Has the advent of Aikido made a difference in the world?

If so for the better or for worse?

Since the death of its Founder, Morihei Ueshiba, has Aikido improved the life of its practitioners and the world in general?

Some find it in their minds to criticize Aikido. Always a good sign. Envy has that tendency. Envy is a sign of success the complacent would like to acquire, but are too lazy to work sufficiently to earn!

What do the critics have to say?

That Aikido does not work in a fight is a myth propagated by some incompetent practitioners. Some of the best security personnel on the planet utilize Aikido daily with immense success in both harm reduction and successful arrests.

That the “philosophy” of Aikido is bogus? Which “philosophy? Aikido has no dogma (Thank God for that!), but is a path of personal discovery. It is notable that the philosophies of dedicated practitioners, whilst each unique, do have a measure of similitude in the practical application in augmenting social harmony.

Can that be an accident?

As for being a “martial” art, Aikijutsu techniques have been incorporated, quietly drilled and deployed in action by elite special forces in the military. More so than in “the ring.”
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“A Strategician’s Dream,” by Nev Sagiba

The first glimmer of a strategician’s dream of ultimate victory tactics first arose in the mind of a young man who had stopped to sit and drink tea.

The rays from the early morning sun shining through the trees glistening as they reflected gossamer threads, caught his eye, just like mine did this morning as I sat, also sipping tea on the back veranda. In noticing the almost perfect creation I reminisced about Yoshimitsu in those days long gone.

There it was, a perfect web shimmering delicately in the breeze. As the light caught it, it would coruscate alternating bright silver and then rainbow colours and back to silver. How could one miss noticing?

As my mind cast back again to Minamoto no Yoshimitsu (1036-1127), that famous warrior of the Kamakura period of feudal Japan, I had visions of many things in this pivotal human journey, as if passing through time itself.

Of course, he could not have been the first battlefield strategician to aspire to endless victory. There were many before him who had dreamed of finding better ways to defeat their enemies.

And there have always been people who begin their day with a cup of cha. And who notice nothing more than their own random thoughts chattering idly. If that.

What made this one man different?

Observing this perfectly woven circle of subtle but all powerful connectedness, he became inspired. No matter how a moth or any other insect entered the circle, it would never leave alive. No matter from which direction or approach, the spider was not bluffed by any change, and he would be difficult to attack at the hub of the in-depth backup of his web. Not even those considerably larger than the small spider who had woven that web could hope to reach him with ease. Resilient yet tenacious, the web did most of the work. The arachnid would simply sit at the centre and feel the messages transmitted along fine lines.

Minamoto no Yoshimitsu

Minamoto no Yoshimitsu

The spider did not waste energy. As he sat at the centre, he would allow the invader to entangle himself, until worn out, he would stop struggling. Once in, there was no way out. Then the spider would take action. In his or her time. Just like training practice and good strategy, the web was set up well in advance, in anticipation of the event.

In an instant, efficient and economical, having pre-spun and woven the almost non-existent pathways well understood, the conclusion would finalize with comparative ease. And yet, the power of these delicate nuances would hold fast and immutably so.

For some reason the recollection of this insight would stay with young Yoshimitsu. Often, on sleepless nights, sometimes after a battle or in between campaigns, he would wonder how he could have done things better, how he could apply this principle of effortlessness following advanced preparation to attain swift and decisive victory in both heiho and gunpo. No matter what the circumstance, skill in preparation, just like the arachnid, would augment favourable outcomes.

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“Aikido – Responding Harmoniously to Aggression,” Nev Sagiba

Responding harmoniously to aggression, whilst not impossible, requires the developing of a new paradigm of consciousness. Whilst this paradigm is already extant in the nature of the universe itself, it is not a common understanding in primitive minds.

Let me explain.

On the planet we find ourselves, evolution, call it slow creation if you want to, (there is no real argument between the two and a plenum of proofs,) began as a long struggle for existence.

This very struggle gave rise to consciousness because of pain, fear and the will to live.

As life forms evolve they tend to reflect the nature of the universe and its processes. Can this be so unusual?

No, not really. In the face of the fact that water tends to reflect what is there, so also does the microcosm, reflect the great vast macrocosm. When you consider that in the face of a creation which appears infinite, our galaxy is a but a spec of dust, this becomes obvious.

Now expand that spec to the size of a football field and select one grain of sand from inside that field. That is our Sun. Now expand that grain of sand to the size of that football field again and our Earth is about the size of a golf ball in that field. Expand the golf ball to the size of a football field yet again, then pluck a flea from the dog (equivalent to a small island on the Earth) walking across the field, then expand that flea to the size of ten football fields. (A good exercise is to zoom down using Google Earth – a free software available at: http://www.google.com/earth/index.html)
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“Concatenation,” by Nev Sagiba

The word Concatenation means chain of events.

It comes from the Latin word for “chain.”

It points to a sequence, series or succession and may refer to anything from elements of mathematics, geological soil profiles, chemical chain structure, actions and almost anything else.

For the purpose of this discourse it will be used to define a chain of events.

When thinking is lucid, by that I mean clear as opposed to cluttered by opinions, direct perception becomes enabled and the obvious then stands out.

Good solid basic principles stand out to the clear mind. The sort of things everyone says “I knew that!,” but only after it’s been pointed out. And if you did already know some points, it’s good to be reminded anyhow.

A chain of clear thinkers collaborating on a co-creative endeavour can bring about the deemed to be impossible, to an all-gain conclusion. This is what so called “enlightenment” is about. The outcomes of harmony. What you can bring about because of clarity. Enlightenment is not sterile and self serving, but all inclusive.

A chain of malintentioned ones invariably make all lose scenarios as they squander time and resources in conflict, trying to be right when they are in fact off the rails. They make all-lose scenarios because their minds are in darkness. They imagine doors and openings where none exist. Their sense of importance and entitlement denotes their state of mind and lack of sight. The “endarkenment” of the self-serving, if you will.

No person can really be an island and those who succeed in attaining such a state gain only oblivion. We are all part of a symbiotic, interdependent web of life without beginning or end.
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Spiritual Maintenance

Over the years, I’ve witnessed some great individuals, great to the point of having lived heroic lives to the point of being mythical, let themselves go and become ordinary, weak, ill, and some even vice riddled.

Others, perhaps some not even of such great stature, continued to practice, eat well, maintain good habits in every way they knew and to give good things to the world.

These sustained and continued to improve to the very end. So did their immediate and often also far reaching associations.

Spiritual Maintenance involves the body-mind connection, therefore if you are not moving, you are merely fantasizing.

Aikido is not only one such valid method, but a paramount method, as it also addresses the key critical component of life, that of consciously addressing adversity and the harmonising of it. What could strengthen your caliber more?

Serving others and improving yourself, no matter how modest you think your efforts may be, does in fact make immense differences in the world, and is the basis for spiritual maintenance, both personal, and that of the world.

Nev Sagiba


“Now an e-book:
FOUR DIAMONDS 1024 – Basic Transitions and Counters of Aikido

by Nev Sagiba

“Eyes Wide Shut – Exercising Inner Vision,” by Nev Sagiba

“The aim is to unfight the attack to depletion and take charge to restore order.”

Exercising inner vision is in everyone’s grasp.

To find the file paths of optimum efficiency which is Aikido, we need to awaken our inner vision.

And learn to relax. In real fights, strength lasts about ten seconds then starts to wane. The more time passes the weaker you get as energy is burnt up exponentially. You will not have the luxury of fifteen rounds, a referee and a massage.

Time will be of the essence and you must deploy full strategic means before two seconds are up and finish the fight in less than ten.

A minute is too long although at times the situation may have a longer time span than is desirable. It depends on the vagaries of that particular circumstance.

Just realise that the longer it goes on, the higher the risk becomes.
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