Morihiro Saito Sensei demonstrates Shomenuchi Ikkyo Omote from the “Complete Guide to Aikido”

“A true master introduces one of Aikido’s core techniques”

In the technical manual Budo, published by the founder in 1938, it is written that in shomenuchi ikkyo omote, the person throwing initiates the technique. “Advance one step with your right foot while striking your opponent’s face with your right tegatana…” (p. 11).

As you grab your partner’s wrist, move your hands and feet in unison. Your technique will not be powerful if you move them separately. Invite your partner to block by attacking with your right hand. Move your left hand at the same time as your right hand and simultaneously advance with your right foot to break your partner’s balance. Your hands and feet must act together in order to be effective against a partner who resists.

(1) Initiate the movement by advancing with your right foot while vigorously extending your right tegatana into your partner’s face.

(2) Your partner blocks with his right hand to protect his face. Grab his right elbow firmly with your left hand and push his wrist down with your tegatana.

(3)(4) Having unbalanced your partner by bringing his arm in front of your abdomen, take a large step diagonally forward with your left foot, moving his arm forward and down.

(5) Pin his arm at a right angle to his body.


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