High-level Aikido Techniques! “Michio Hikitsuchi: No one articulates O-Sensei’s message better”

Welcome to our final video on Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei’s “Essential Teachings of Aikido” course in 61 lessons. Today’s video clip features a demonstration of ninindori, or techniques for handling two attackers. These are complex, high-level techniques. Let’s watch Hikitsuchi Sensei’s powerful demonstration now.

Throughout the week we have given you an intimate look at the rich content of Hikitsuchi Sensei’s “Essential Teachings of Aikido” course. I’m not aware of anyone who has succeeded in articulating the profound concepts of O-Sensei contained in these lessons better than Michio Hikitsuchi.

There is little doubt that we are merely scratching the surface of what is possible in our normal way of training. O-Sensei pointed the way for us to much higher levels through his message and movements. Enter through this door and your aikido will reach a different dimension.

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