Faithful to O-Sensei’s teachings… “How You Can Discover the Art’s Deepest Secrets in Michio Hikitsuchi’s Essential Teachings of Aikido!”

Aikido Journal has released a collection of rare how-to videos by one of Founder Morihei Ueshiba’s most brilliant students: Michio Hikitsuchi, 10th dan. In this online course, Hikitsuchi Sensei elucidates the essential principles of Aikido that should be part of your current training.

Here is a glimpse of some of the many key concepts explained by Hikitsuchi Sensei in this course. Do you understand these principles and are you applying them in your aikido practice?

1. Sincerity of attack. In your role as uke, do you attack with full intention and sincerity? Aikido relies on both parties bringing a pure energy to practice.

2. Inryoku. Attractive power is what checks uke’s will to attack. It is what instantaneously stops the ki of uke when he thinks to attack.

3. Seizing the initiative. One must control uke from the very outset of the encounter. To wait for a person to attack is to become conscious of him as an adversary. We lead to transcend being the attacker or the defender.

4. Katsuhayabi. Speed independent of space and time. In Aikido, the issue is decided at the instant of the encounter. It is decided at the instant uke and nage come together. Uke thinks to attack, but he himself is struck.

5. Shinken shobu. Action in dead ernest. You must put everything you have into your aikido as if it your life were at stake. Otherwise your true heart will never manifest itself.

6. Masakatsu – Agatsu. True Victory, Victory over Self. The true aim of aikido is not victory over an opponent, but purifying and attaining victory over oneself.

7. Shugyo. Ascetic discipline. The practice of aikido is a discipline for polishing one’s character and living life in harmony with divine nature.

8. Takemusu Aiki. Aiki giving birth to martial techniques. An expression of his ideal of the highest level of aikido where techniques perfectly suited to the immediate circumstances surge forth spontaneously.

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