Saved by the “Guide”… “He already had it but couldn’t find it!!”


“Finding ‘lost’ techniques at light speed!”

stan-pranin-closeupToday I was contacted about our new “Complete Guide to Aikido” by a reader with a question. This gentleman had previously obtained Saito Sensei’s “Lost Seminars” DVD series containing about 14 hours of video footage which is indexed in the “Guide”. He was especially interested in materials on Ken-tai-Jo — sword vs. staff — exercises, and they’re weren’t any on the DVDs in his collection…

Well actually, I specifically remember some Ken-tai-Jo sections in those seminars, so I fired up the “Complete Guide to Aikido” interface and clicked on “Ken”. I was instantaneously taken to the section of sword video clips and here’s what I found:

Ken demonstration-(1985-86) [mp4 file] – 2:41
Ken-jo-taijutsu-riai (1989-09) [mp4 file] – 4:49
Ken-shomenuchi kokyunage, Vol. 6 [pdf file]

Ken-tai jo (1992-09) [mp4 file] – 4:17
Ken-tai jo-demonstration-(1991-09) [mp4 file] – 2:47
Ken-tai jo-introduction-(1991-09) [mp4 file] – 1:58

Ken-tai ken-(kote), Vol. 6 [pdf file]
Ken-tai ken-(men), Vol. 6 [pdf file]
Ken-tai ken-(tsuki), Vol. 6 [pdf file]

As you can see, there are three videos covering Ken-tai-jo materials. It took me only about 10 seconds to locate these videos. I could have been watching the footage moments later.

So this gentleman actually already had the instructional videos he was looking for but couldn’t find them! I was very happy to be able to use the “Guide” for the purpose it was intended, and was amazed at how quickly I could locate things. No more lost needles in the haystack for aikido practitioners!

Check out the “Complete Guide to Aikido” here

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