“The World of O-Sensei in Color” by Stanley Pranin


“This photo is part of The Aikido Legacy Package”

One of the interesting aspects of my work is the abundance of technology I must use to produce the materials we publish. Since we deal with a lot of historical material, most of the images and videos we have preserved are black and white.

To give an example, look at the inset photo from this image of Morihei Ueshiba. The portrait was taken around 1957, naturally in black and white. I have always been fascinated by the process of colorization and recently for the first time asked a professional graphic artist to work on this photo to see what could be achieved.

The cropped version you see here gives you a good idea of these results that can be obtained. The artist who did this work is Nikos Gazetas, an aikidoka from Greece. I think the results are marvelous!

The Aikido Legacy Package we are offering now will include this colorized photo as well as the black and white original that you may download to your computer and take to a printing service to have a poster-size copy made.


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The Morihei Ueshiba Founder’s Course is O-Sensei’s video legacy starting in 1935 and covering a span of 34 years until just before his passing in 1969. Besides the more than 30 films of the Founder, the course includes three rare audio interviews of O-Sensei with complete subtitles. These are wonderfully intimate conversations with the Founder that convey his bright personality, playfulness and sincerity. In addition, the course includes a series of video documentaries by Stanley Pranin on the life of the Founder and the spread of his art worldwide.

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