A Chiropractor’s View: “Aikido and injuries,” by Bartłomiej Gajowiec

Some of us use force more than others, but there is always the temptation to solve a problem with force if the technique is not performed correctly. This coupled with a lack of warm-ups leaves us wide open to injury…

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  1. This is a valuable analysis by Dr. Gajowiec that we should all review regularly. Expanding on some of his points, here is my “Top Ten” Aiki Injury List which I have either had or seen happen many times:

    1- Lower BACK damage from muscling through techniques and throwing with upper body strength
    2- Lower BACK damage from over-stretching the back (if being hyper-extended better to allow body to fall)
    3- Cumulative SHOULDER damage from arm twist/bending during pins (twist/bend of arm does not enhance pin)
    4- Cumulative KNEE damage from “lazy feet” syndrome on turns – correcting food position after turn is too late
    (very common in tai in henko)
    5- KNEE damage from Sporadic shiko/swari waza practice, Regular/Moderate -Yes // sporadic/intensive -No
    6- Injury resulting from receiving techniques with fear,tension or resistance
    7- Injury resulting from passive or non-responsive ukemi
    8- Injury from too large or acrobatic movements when control and close quarters technique is warranted
    9- Training fast and sloppy (dance-like) instead of strong and precise
    10- Projecting energy and emphasizing ending/finish of throw or pin for a “strong” appearing throw, rather than
    generating power at the beginning – where power belongs, which allows for a more controlled safe finish.

    Safe Holidays everyone, Tom C.

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