“The venerable Aikido Journal Bibliography has risen from the ashes!” by Clark Bateman



clark-bateman-150pxHello, fellow aikidoka! We are happy to announce that the venerable Aikido Journal Bibliography has risen from the ashes!

We have reformatted and updated the entire database, and set it up to work with all our current web software. There are now more than 400 entries, covering all aikido or aiki-related books we are aware of that were ever published in English or multilingual formats. All entries have at least a short summary, and as much publisher’s info as we can find. We have also identified a few obscure “white elephants” that don’t really exist, but persist in giving the impression that they do, due to erroneous information on the web.

We have tried to provide cover photos for all available editions of each title. We have also updated the records to show Kindle and Nook editions, and have provided listings for those titles only published in those non-print formats. The records are tagged and searchable several ways, so you should be able to quickly get where you need to go. Just follow the nav tips on the front page.

This Bibliography is YOUR resource, and we have even ported in all the comments and reviews from the previous incarnation. We have provided the means for users to continue to augment the content by posting their own comments and reviews. Your comments will be appreciated, and will only serve to make this an even more valuable resource, not just to the bibliophiles among us, but for the “normal” folks, as well! We’ll update and add titles as quickly as we find out about them, so we’ll always try to be as current as possible. We’d also love it if those among you who have authored books in the database to chime in with some thoughts from your unique perspective.

This is a free resource, accessible from links on both Aikido Journal websites, as well as other AJ social media. It can also be entered directly at bibliography.aikidojournal.com. Give it a look… We hope that you’ll find it useful, and add it to your favorites and bookmarks. Enjoy!

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