Bequeathed by the Founder: Morihiro Saito’s “Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo” Online Course in 20 modules!

These are the aikido sword and staff forms taught by Morihiro Saito, 9th dan. Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba spent many years studying these weapons — called the Aiki Ken and Jo — at his country retreat in Iwama during and after World War II.

Morihiro Saito was one of the Founder’s most talented students. Saito lived in Iwama and devoted himself to aikido training at the side of Ueshiba Sensei for over 20 years. Due to the severe conditions existing after the war, the Founder had few students during this period. As fate would have it, the responsibility for preserving, systematizing, and disseminating Morihei Ueshiba’s weapons practices fell to Saito Sensei.

Added to the hundreds of empty-handed techniques of aikido, these ken and jo practices combine to form a cohesive, content-rich curriculum.


The “Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo Course” consists of 20 video modules available for online viewing and downloading. The first section of the course includes Saito Sensei’s instructional videos that cover all of the fundamental weapons exercises and forms.

The second section consists of instructional and demonstration footage that record the evolution of Saito Sensei’s ken and jo practices over a 30-year period. You will see many clips such as these spanning the years from 1964 through 1993.

It’s fascinating to watch the evolution of these beautiful weapons forms as revealed in this rare footage of Morihiro Saito.

We have a great deal more video of Saito Sensei from this course to share with you in coming days.

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