Action star reveals his secrets: “Rare Steven Seagal Seminar videos!”

We are pleased to present the third of a series of video clips featuring movie action star Steven Seagal taken at a seminar in San Jose, California in 1990. This seminar took place just at the time of the ascent of his movie career, and as such is a rare event. Seagal Sensei is in fine form, his teaching style dynamic, and technical explanations direct and to the point. His uke here is Haruo Matsuoka Sensei. For the period, the video quality of the seminar is excellent with clear audio. As such, viewers will gain insight into the reasons why so many people were captured by his skills and charisma both on the mat and on the movie screen which contributed greatly to his rise to fame…

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  1. Carol Collins says:

    Steven, You’re the BEST ever. I am honored to be a part of your aikido belief! Your presence in developing this martial art work must be hard to do.

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