Shocked and humbled… Just received this morning!


“Thank you for being here for us, and for shouldering
the immense burden of the entire history of aikido!”

This morning I received this most incredible email! I was shocked and humbled and share it with you now:

“Dear Stan,

As always, I am grateful beyond description for your unwavering efforts to make in-depth knowledge of aikido available to all of us worldwide!

Although certain things are only possible to learn by being an uchi-deshi, this also has the effort of anchoring one’s perspective solidly in one place. Through your work spanning decades, we all have access to the knowledge of many uchi-deshi, putting us in a truly unique position of being able to add and compare multiple perspectives.

Your fearless integrity also in the face of politically established “truths” is a priceless gift to all of us, and in my humble opinion we aikidoka around the globe must recognize the truly remarkable efforts of disseminating aikido teachings worldwide, performed by four outstanding individuals, each in his own irreplaceable way:

Saito Sensei, Tohei Sensei, Kisshomaru Doshu – and yourself!!

Thank you for being here for us, and for shouldering the immense burden of the entire history of aikido!!

Best wishes,

C.S. “…


  1. Mario Forget says:

    I second this!
    Mr Pranin, you have, for decades, been a source of knowledge and wealth of information.
    You share with us so openly! And we appreciate it. The truth that lies in many stories that you reveal to us is not based on gossip. We know that when you say it, it’s because that’s what it was. We can trust you.
    The Japanese people respect what you do. Respect is earned in Japan. And you earned it.
    You teach us the way into the Japanese heart with the humble ways you tackle the difficult subjects and stories.
    So simply put…

  2. Hear, hear!

  3. Dan Curry says:

    Ok………..so let’s hear it~~~~~~~~~~who do you think “C.S.” is?

  4. Hi Stan,

    Who is CS?


  5. Couldn’t agree more.

    I honestly don’t know how different my understanding of Aikido as a whole; its history, development, and wider cultural significance, would be if it weren’t for Stan Pranin’s unrivaled work.

    Stan, you’ve done what no other Aikidoka has managed to my knowledge and we are all better off for it.

  6. Yanick Rail says:

    I agree with what she or he said. I am also equally grateful. Thank you for your dedication.

  7. Scott Remington says:

    Well said C.S. – I for one feel exactly the same way – access your life’s work has helped me ( and numerous others ) in ways I am sure we have yet to even be aware of,

    Thank you kindly sir


    Scott Remington

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