Stanley Pranin talks about relaxation and positioning at aikido seminar in Mexico

In this Spanish-language video, Stanley Pranin talks about the importance of relaxation, body unification, and positioning. This katatedori unbalancing movement followed by an entry into uke’s blind spot, puts one in an excellent position to execute ikkyo through yonkyo.


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  1. I wasn’t there so don’t know if temporary blind spots were a topic. There are two, for instance, in raising and lowering a Japanese sword. Taking advantage of them is a productive exercise in sword work, particularly sword taking. Almost all guard stances in striking arts have either blind spots or big areas of vulnerability. Much of the art is in dealing with the trade-offs. In aikido we usually deal with this with distance. If you’re out of range a guard gains you nothing but costs you blind spots. And much of aikido is dealing with the distance problem. The best but most difficult way to deal with distance is in timing.

    In the large picture, consider France 1940. Guderian got the jump and France fell in a week or so. Now, French aerial reconnaissance actually saw the 100km long line of Germans lined up on that road in the Ardennes. French high command didn’t believe it. DeGaulle was in command of a French armored force which fought defensively against the German blitz. What if instead the French and British had launched bombing against what must have been a highly vulnerable column and unleashed deGaulle pre-emptively? That would have been aiki.

  2. Juan Delatorre says:

    Great Spanish from Pranin Sensei. Muy bien!!

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