The main focus is Doshu… “Looking Back at the All-Japan Aikido Demonstration” by Stanley Pranin

All of this being said, the main focus of the event is on the Doshu. In O-Sensei’s time, his presence was largely symbolic. He would give a brief speech to open the event and then retire to a back room before reappearing for the finale. During the Second Doshu’s active years, Kisshomaru Sensei would give a lecture demonstration in which he articulated his vision of aikido with an emphasis on the importance of center and the circular nature of aikido movements. The present Doshu’s approach is by comparison short on words. Instead, he lets his techniques speak volumes. He is among the best I have ever seen at suwariwaza. Moriteru Sensei’s demonstrations are always precise, quick-paced, and beautiful to watch…

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