Lessons from “Zone Theory of Aikido” — Morotedori Kokyunage

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Hi, I’m Stanley Pranin. If you study the history of the technical development of aikido, you’ll find that Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba would always practice 3 special exercises in his classes. It’s clear from this that he attached great importance to the lessons that each exercise imparted. The 3 exercises are tai no henko, morotedori kokyuho, and suwariwaza kokyuho.

In today’s video from my “Zone Theory of Aikido” course, I focus on several important points of the morotedori kokyuho exercise. This practice teaches you how to deal with a situation where you are grabbed with 2 hands on one and your Uke has seized the initiative.

In this scenario, you must overcome the initial disadvantage to blend and fully control your partner. As in all techniques, knowing how to unify your body and unbalance uke are the keys to creating a favorable outcome.

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