Morihei Ueshiba in Iwama: “Attack with a Samurai blade”

“These techniques involve a series of prearranged movements using a live blade. The master tests the level of his students’ understanding of the martial arts with the real sword. The highest ideal of mankind is to achieve mastery in a given pursuit. The spiritual, exquisite technique of Aikido Master Morihei Ueshiba will be transmitted forever to all generations in the annals of martial lore”…

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  1. This particular picture of O Sensei is one of the most challenging for me. I do not know how this exercise is done, beyond that I can give more sideways stability if I keep my feet at 90 degrees and weight my rear foot which is perpendicular to the sword but in line with the push. I have seen no one else even try the demonstration.

    On his own blog site, Homma Sensei implies such demonstrations are faked, and that he would be straining against the other pushers with all his might – one person has a closed hand close to O Sensei, and another appears to be pushing on O Sensei himself. This could provide additional pressure and leverage that would give O Sensei more “power.”

    I would greatly appreciate any insights you might have.

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