All of Aikido’s Greats! Video: “Morihei Ueshiba’s Best Students at a Glance”

Sometime ago I was faced with the challenge of presenting an overview of the leading students of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba. This task was particularly difficult because the Founder had a teaching career spanning about 50 years during which he taught tens of thousands of students.

What I eventually settled on as a solution was a large chronological chart divided into generations that listed O-Sensei’s major students. I tried to cram as much information as possible about each person in a very small space.

I ended up with a colorful chart listing about 70 names including all of the most significant figures in aikido history. You will find photos of each person, their names with kanji characters, dates, and a brief description of their role in aikido history.

This chronological chart is in the form of a high-resolution pdf file that can be taken to a printing service to produce a beautiful copy suitable for framing. There are dojos all over the world where the chronological chart is displayed as a reminder of aikido’s fascinating history.

THE AIKIDO LEGACY PACKAGE includes the chronological chart bundled in with the abundance of other materials that address virtually every aspect of aikido. Please watch the video that follows this to learn what a difference access to these materials can make to you personally in your aikido study.


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