Japanese Aikidoka wanted for transcription of Koichi Tohei seminar video


stan-pranin-closeupAikido Journal is looking for several native Japanese speakers to assist in transcribing into Japanese the audio of a historical seminar video featuring Koichi Tohei Sensei. The four-hour plus video footage preserves a rare seminar of Tohei Sensei from 1983.

Qualified volunteers will be sent a clip of a corresponding portion of the seminar video to transcribe into Japanese. They will also receive a copy of the Windows-based subtitling software, and a 30-minute video tutorial for using the software prepared by Stanley Pranin.

Aikido Journal would like to show its gratitude to the volunteers selected by providing them with a gift of items from our product catalog in addition to the completed video of the Tohei seminar.


– Native Japanese speakers with a knowledge of aikido
– Access to a computer with a windows operating system
– A headset to better hear and transcribe the audio
– Be willing to send a sample transcription of a 1-minute video using the subtitling software to demonstrate proficiency in performing the task.

If you would like to be considered as a member of the Aikido Journal transcription team, kindly reply via email describing a little about your background and qualifications. You will be sent a package with the software, tutorial, and video sample.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Stanley Pranin


  1. Tomoo Yawata says:

    I am willing to cooperate

  2. Issho Horie says:

    Mr. Stanley,
    I am considering your offer to be Mr. Tohei’s transcription member. I graduated both universities Chuo university in Tokyo and Tulsa University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I started and received Sho-dan under Masuda Seijuro shihan at Hombu dojo late 70’s. I continue practices three times a week at Tulsa Aikido Club.
    I’m enjoying your aikido Journals,

  3. Sensei Roy Dempsey says:

    Dear Stanley
    having managed to amass almost everything in print and video available by Koichi Tohei in English and Japanese, I was amazed and delighted to hear of the 1983 seminar video. Would you please be kind enough to confirm that once the translation of the video is complete it is your intention that it will be made available through Aikido Journal. For all of us who like yourself consider koichi Tohei’s contribution to Aikido as being pivotal.
    It is so sad that so little video material seems to be available of such a great master any addition is greatly to be welcomed.

  4. Chika Sudo says:

    Dear Stanley,

    Hi, I’m Chika. I’m interested in your offer.
    I train at the Osaka headquarter dojo and promoted to San Dan in 2012.

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