How to stop the fakes! “Dan Rankings” by Stanley Pranin

What is fascinating is the seemingly universal need to justify one’s present standing even by going to the extreme of weaving a false past. At least a half dozen names immediately spring to mind, several of them with successful dojos and scores of students, the latter training in blissful ignorance of the fact that the individuals in whom they have placed their trust and confidence have been untruthful to them…

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  1. Hey Stan,

    Completely agree with adding the “honorary” or “merit” in the certificate. But I don’t think it is necessary adding the previous ranks. The Yudansha card already shows your grading history even showing the Shihan who graded you.

    What is your thought in including the “Previous Ranks Issued” in the certificate?

    • Providing the history is a way to discourage the organization from making rapid promotions to generate more income. It becomes obvious is someone is promoted very quickly. It can be very lucrative and thus a temptation for the organization to fall into this pattern.

      • Agree to your reason. My concern actually is, sorry for not clarifying, you may run out of space on the certificate if say you are 5th or 8th dan and you will still write the details of your 1st dan to 7th dan. And it may become repetitive as the history of say your 1st dan to 4th dan is written on your 5th dan certificate, and then your 1st dan to 4th dan plus your 5th dan is on your 6th dan certificate.

        Anyways, perhaps they can squeeze all the details. It actually seems that there are still a lot more space on the certificate. And you can also view the grading history on the yudansha card as well.

        • I think the crux of the matter is that the dan history and progression are not available for public inspection. I think that a public database would result in less abuses of rankings both by individuals and organizations who attempt to increase their revenue stream by accelerating promotions.

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