Kisshomaru’s modifications have become standard… “Unraveling the Origins of Iriminage,” by Stanley Pranin

It’s fairly easy to prove that it was the Founder’s son, Kisshomaru, who was primarily responsible for introducing this “new” iriminage in which uke was brought off balance and his head lowered only to be allowed to return to an upright position before finally being thrown. This differs from Morihei’s way of executing the technique where uke is immediately unbalanced and thrown, without Kisshomaru’s additional step…

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  1. Hi Stan,

    The photos you posted are at the moment when the uke was brought down. Do you have any photo that suggest that the uke was returned on the upright position as you stated?
    What was taught to us is that although the uke is allowed to rise up after being unbalanced and brought down, the uke is not allowed to rise all the way up. The uke is still being controlled on the neck and still on the unbalance state before being thrown.

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