Early aikido on display! “Hiroshi Tada demonstration from 1957”

This is a fascinating clip consisting of a short demonstration given by Hiroshi Tada, 9th dan, in 1957. This video and several others were shot by AndrĂ© Nocquet, an early French practitioner, at the Ichigaya rooftop dojo of the Self-Defense Agency in Tokyo. Notable points are: Tada Sensei is 27 years old in this film; all of the techniques are executed in response to the attack (go no sen); the ukemi performed from the kotegaeshi throw are back falls, unlike the high falls that one would see in demonstrations today; Tada Sensei is partnered by the late Nobuyoshi Tamura…

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  1. Tanyo Lubbock says:

    Break falls from kotegaeshi are (mostly) for show. Sensei Eric does this subject more justice than I could: http://tomikiaikido.blogspot.com/2011/08/myth-why-people-flip-from-kote-gaeshi.html

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