Early aikido on display! “Hiroshi Tada demonstration from 1957”

This is a fascinating clip consisting of a short demonstration given by Hiroshi Tada, 9th dan, in 1957. This video and several others were shot by André Nocquet, an early French practitioner, at the Ichigaya rooftop dojo of the Self-Defense Agency in Tokyo. Notable points are: Tada Sensei is 27 years old in this film; all of the techniques are executed in response to the attack (go no sen); the ukemi performed from the kotegaeshi throw are back falls, unlike the high falls that one would see in demonstrations today; Tada Sensei is partnered by the late Nobuyoshi Tamura…

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  1. Tanyo Lubbock says:

    Break falls from kotegaeshi are (mostly) for show. Sensei Eric does this subject more justice than I could: http://tomikiaikido.blogspot.com/2011/08/myth-why-people-flip-from-kote-gaeshi.html

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