Get entire mag in PDF: Aikido Journal Number 119, Spring 2000


● Editorial – Aikido: A Restatement of Universal Truths, by Stanley Pranin
● Letters and Threads
● Interview with Hiroshi Isoyama, 8th dan, by Stanley Pranin
● My Career in Yanagi-ryu Aiki Jiu Jitsu, by Don Angier
● Takemusu Aiki (4), by Morihei Ueshiba
● Interview with Mariye Takahashi (1), by Stanley Pranin
● Everything in Black and White, by David Lynch
● Interview with Walther von Krenner, by Stanley Pranin
● Aikido and Independence, by Peter Goldsbury
● Takemusu Aikido — Yokomenuchi yonkyo omotewaza, by Morihiro Saito
● Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Takumakai — Hijinobashi Aiki, by Takeshi Kawabe & Hakaru Mori
● O-Sensei’s Songs of the Way, by Seiseki Abe
● Virtue of the Sword, by James Williams
● Heard in the Dojo

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