Knowing O-Sensei at Hombu in the 1960s: “Interview with Henry Kono” by Norm Ibuki

If he was in the back of the dojo he might come out every day. If he was away, you might not see him for three weeks. If he was there, he might come out for five or ten minutes then go back in. I saw him about 300 times in four years. He never explained what he did, he just did it! This is what I mean by magician. He did it and if you couldn’t discern what he did, there was no way to figure it out. He never explained anything but he left hints which were very difficult to discern because of the way he stated his ideas in very short phrases that no one could understand…

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  1. Thanks for posting, Henry offers a unique perspective on training at Hombu in the days of O’Sensei as well as a unique perspective on Aikido. I know some talented aikido teachers who really look up to Henry and go to his seminars whenever possible.

  2. I love this interview. Kono Sensei speaks so directly and straight from the heart. There is a lot to try out in one’s practice here. Thanks for sharing it.

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