Behind closed doors! Christian Tissier Sensei gives private demo at Aiki Expo 2005…


“Last Day to see Christian Tissier Sensei at the Aiki Expo!”

In the world of aikido, the name of Christian Tissier Sensei needs no introduction as he is one of the art’s most highly respected instructors. During Aiki Expo 2005, Tissier Sensei was kind enough to give a private demonstration of some very advanced techniques that I think you’ll find of great interest. We’ve uploaded some highlights of this private session which you’ll find included in its entirety in the Aiki Expo Special.

The famous Aiki Expo events sponsored by Aikido Journal were held in 2002, 2003, and 2005. These martial arts extravaganzas brought together large numbers of leading instructors of aikido and other kindred martial arts in a spirit of friendship.

The overall concept of the Aiki Expo events was to stimulate both instructors and participants to venture outside their normal spheres of activity and experience new training approaches and ideas. Many chose to crosstrain in the numerous arts available.

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