Revisiting the Unforgettable Aiki Expo Events that rocked the Martial Arts World

“Instructors and participants venturing outside their normal spheres of activity”

The famous Aiki Expo events sponsored by Aikido Journal were held in 2002, 2003, and 2005. These martial arts extravaganzas brought together large numbers of leading instructors of aikido and other kindred martial arts in a spirit of friendship.

The overall concept of the Aiki Expo events was to stimulate both instructors and participants to venture outside their normal spheres of activity and experience new training approaches and ideas. Many chose to crosstrain in the numerous arts available.

On May 27-29, 2005, the third of the Expos was held in Los Angeles, California. Aiki Expo 2005 featured a stellar lineup of 36 top instructors from aikido, Daito-ryu aikijujutsu, traditional karate, Russian Systema, and several classical Japanese martial arts. Over 500 practitioners were in attendance for this memorable weekend. All practitioners of these and other arts will find a treasure trove of valuable material in these seminars captured live on video.

“THE AIKI EXPO SPECIAL” is an excellent choice of learning materials with a vast assortment of styles, techniques, and methodologies for your study and analysis. This invaluable video collection will be your ever-present resource for new ideas and directions to spark your training!


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