Viral message of peace! Share Morihei Ueshiba’s words: “True Budo is a Work of Love”

This image of the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, bearing his profound message was inspired by this remarkable video appearing on the TED website. Its amazing content will touch you deeply. O-Sensei’s universal message of harmony has the same potential to spread across political boundaries and reach the hearts of individuals all over the world. Please share it freely…”

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  1. Noel Schwab says:

    I believe that Aikido is so vast and expansive that prior to any meaningful conversation we must be familiar with what wrinkle of Aikido we wish to discuss. We must speak in specifics which may not be immediately revealed. Like the martial portion of his approach to life, I believe (although quite possibly mistaken) it will all lead to the here and now. How to deal with that fold of the present is quite delicate. It is not a simple matter of consistency. It is a matter, in my limited knowledge and life experience, of being able to adapt to the world around us. Enter here. Step around here…fall away, step off line….adapt and be pliable….mentally changing to meet the task at hand….still guided by love…and the attraction of the universe….


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