Morihiro Saito’s successor! “Over 140 people from 15 countries attend a seminar with Saito Hitohira Kaicho in Stuttgart, Germany,” by Tim Haffner

Filled with anecdotes and quotations of the direct oral teachings (Kuden) of Aikido Founder, Ueshiba Morihei O’sensei, Kaicho demonstrated a variety of techniques over three days of training that were firmly rooted in the Kihon Waza fundamentals characteristic of Iwama-ryu Aikido. Beginning with Aiki-Ken on Friday evening, Kaicho emphasized the need for every aikidoka to focus on precision in the basic sword suburi. Demonstrating how using the spine (sebone), top of the head (atama) and naval (o-heso) are used as common reference points for all basic cutting practices, Kaicho demonstrated that power and speed are generated from a solid foundation in the principles of sword…

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