More on censored history! Video: “The Giants of Aikido Gone Missing” by Stanley Pranin


“These censored figures represent some
of the giants of the history of our art”

Stanley Pranin discusses an important issue facing the aikido community today. This is the subject of the expunging of several key figures from aikido history. Why should this be a matter of concern to you?

These censored figures represent some of the giants of the history of our art. People like Sokaku Takeda, Koichi Tohei, Morihiro Saito, Kenji Tomiki, and some others you may be less familiar with.

Whether you practice a “martial” aikido, or emphasize a flowing style, or talk about “ki”, or do weapons training… The stories of these martial arts geniuses need to be told.

All of these figures interacted extensively with Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei and played an important role in what our art has become today.

We encourage you to watch the video following this, and learn more about this important subject and how THE AIKIDO LEGACY PACKAGE can make you a “walking dictionary” on all things aikido!

Watch the video here for detailed information on this exceptional offer. This special offer is for hardcore, serious practitioners of the art for whom an understanding of the life and work of Morihei Ueshiba is of great importance.


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