Did you miss out? What was it like to attend a Morihiro Saito Seminar in person?

11 years have now elapsed since the passing of one of aikido’s greatest teachers… Morihiro Saito. The reality is that there are many aikido practitioners who have never had an opportunity of learning directly from this gifted teacher. For that, we are left with his legacy for guidance. Fortunately, there are literally hundreds of teachers who did study directly under Saito Sensei who are active and offer excellent instruction.

Even more fortunately, Saito Sensei was one of the best documented aikido instructors of his generation… the aikido greats of the immediate postwar era who left a powerful imprint on today’s aikido. There are thousands of video clips of varying quality recording different aspects of his long career. Among the very best of these materials are the 14 hours of lovingly subtitled videos comprising the “Aikido Masters Course,” available for 3 more days.

Take a look at the images above to get an idea of what it was like to be present at one of Saito Sensei’s seminars. He was kind, precise, humorous, dynamic… and best of all, he freely teaches you the aikido left by Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba in Iwama in the years after the war. Saito Sensei’s classes are full of detailed explanations. Everything is clear and… “steal-able!”

So you have within your reach 7 full seminars, a total of more than 14 hours of instruction, plus 8 invaluable technical manuals written by Saito Sensei. The video below will provide you with full details of the “Aikido Masters Course” for your thoughtful consideration. 3 days are left…

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