The Iwama Aikido Curriculum from Morihiro Saito, 9th dan

There are literally hundreds of aikido techniques handed down from Morihei Ueshiba’s years in Iwama following World War II. They form the core techniques of modern aikido.

The problem for aikido practitioners is to find a way access this vast body of material in an efficient manner. Morihiro Saito Sensei was one of the closest students of the Founder and spent many years at his side in Iwama. Saito Sensei left many books and videos explaining in detail this wonderful curriculum. The pedagocial resources left by Saito Sensei provide an elegant answer to every aikidoka’s dilemma.

Aikido Journal has assembled 7 lengthy subtitled videos and 8 training manuals that cover in great depth the technical legacy. We have called this set of 15 study aids “The Aikido Masters Course.” This material is a dream come true for many aikido practitioners wishing to get a solid grasp of this vast aikido curriculum. This offer ends Sunday, October 20th.

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