Strong martial spirit! Hayato Osawa demonstrates his powerful style of aikido

In this video, Hayato Osawa, son of the late 9th dan Kisaburo Osawa, displays his style of strong, precise aikido. His techniques are characterized by a strong martial spirit and physicality even though he is of a small stature. He demonstrates suwariwaza, hanmi handachi, and standing techniques on this occasion. Osawa Sensei is one of the senior instructors at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo…

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  1. tom collings says:

    In the 1970’s during my first few months at the Aikikai Hombu in Tokyo I recall training with Hayato Osawa in his father’s class who was the director of training at the time. His father had an ultra soft style which was similar to my first teacher, so I felt right at home. When I bowed into Hayato-San, who was an uchi deshi at the time, I expected him to be a nice soft carbon copy of his daddy – BIG MISTAKE.

    To this day I can still feel his yokomen strike effortlessly slicing right through my weak technique and slamming into the side of my head for most of the hour. Somewhere in the last few minutes of class – out of desparation I guess – I let go of all expectations of how aiki “should be” and how my partner “should” train and began adapting and training more strongly. That was one of the most productive hours of training I ever had.

    In demanding my best without apology he raised me up closer to his level. I will always be greatful.

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