Aikido and Daito-ryu: “The two martial arts are irrevocably linked and will ever remain so”

I would like to mention some of the positive consequences of the connection between these two highly-regarded twentieth-century budo men. First, aikido’s technical debt to Daito-ryu is immense. It is difficult to find a movement in aikido which does not originate in Takeda’s jujutsu form. On the other hand, the survival, dissemination and future prospects of Daito-ryu as a traditional Japanese martial art have been virtually guaranteed by the tremendous international success of modern aikido. In fact, I have often heard practitioners of Daito-ryu refer loosely to their art as aikido! In any event, viewed historically, the two martial arts are irrevocably linked and will remain so despite the misunderstandings, biases, and recriminations that have been perpetuated to this day

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