The dawn of competitive aikido: Kenji Tomiki Sensei demonstrates exercises and techniques of early Tomiki Aikido (c. 1958)

This is an undated historical film in which Kenji Tomiki and Hideo Oba appear. Many of the earlier preparatory exercises and basic techniques of the Tomiki Aikido (Shodokan Aikido) curriculum are shown. Aikido practitioners who favor the inclusion of competition in aikido look to Tomiki Sensei as the founder of the art, more so than Morihei Ueshiba…

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  1. Thanks for the update and your post on Tomiki Sensei. Speaking for myself only, I have to say Ueshiba Sensei will always be the founder of Aikido. Tomiki Sensei was extremely fortunate to train under both Kano Sensei and Ueshiba Sensei. The skills of aikido and the teaching methodology of judo, working together became Shodokan Aikido.

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