A well-executed technique does not allow for a beautiful fall: “An End to the Collusion” by Stanley Pranin

I am reminded of a famous episode involving the founder recounted by Gozo Shioda Sensei of Yoshinkan Aikido. O-Sensei was asked to give a special demonstration around 1941 at the Imperial Saineikan Dojo in the presence of the imperial family but initially refused the invitation saying he couldn’t “show a lie.” By “showing a lie,” he was referring to the fact that real martial techniques are so devastating to the attacker they cannot be shown for demonstration purposes. He finally consented to “show the lie” and in that demonstration his uke, Tsutomu Yukawa, failed to attack strongly enough out of deference to Ueshiba Sensei’s weakened physical condition (he was then suffering from jaundice), and ended up getting his collar bone broken…

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