“Mining O-Sensei’s Old Films for Gold,” by Stanley Pranin

The hyperawareness, sharpness, and unbridled exuberance displayed by the Founder while demonstrating his art can hardly be seen anywhere. In a similar vein, the Founder’s religious perspective and view of himself as an instrument of the “kami” whose purpose is to realize peace and brotherhood on earth is too grandiose a vision for most aikido teachers who see themselves mainly as providing self-defense and exercise training for the public.

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  1. Joseph B. Walker Jr. says:

    After ending my law enforcement career (34 years) and having been involved in different forms of Martial Arts, including Kung Fu-Wu Su under the Late Sifu Y.T. Lee in New York City, I found an Aikido Dojo in my own area and watched the Black Belt award ceremony of a 14 year old student, who had been studying there for seven years. I was highly impressed and the Sensei happens to be a native New Yorker, as I am. I advised him of my disability and why I picked is dojo. He ensured me that there were measures we could take to make me a part of school. I am very pleased, and looking forward to studying under him, after my knee replacements.

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