Radical brain transformation: “Responding to Aggression — Part 2,” by Tom Collings

A massive mix of powerful hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol, and many more instantly enter the bloodstream, muscles, and brain. Higher brain functions such as judgment, decision making, and coordination are adversely affected and more primitive brain function such flight/flight reaction and hyper-vigilance become highly stimulated…

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  1. keith hartley says:

    I cannot believe it has taken you 40 years to wake up after all my efforts to enlighten you in Iwama.

  2. tom collings says:

    Dear Keith Hartley Sempai,

    Be not discouraged sempai that all your and Saito Sensei’s efforts were in vain. This young boy may be slow to comprehend, but he is gradually making some
    progress. Another 40 years practice and I will make you both proud !!

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