Little-known Daito-ryu Master! “Recalling Kodo Horikawa Sensei” by Katsumi Yonezawa

“Seeing the sharp effect of his techniques with Aiki which were different from those of Judo, I, who had been feeling the limits of my physical power, found them ideal…” Taiso, the father of Horikawa Sensei, received a teaching license (kyoju dairi) in 1913 and Horikawa Sensei studied jujutsu with him. Horikawa Sensei started his training of Daito-ryu on May 12, 1914 while in his 21st year. He officially became an elementary school teacher in 1917 and later was on the staff of various elementary schools in northern Hokkaido. Sokaku Sensei visited the school Horikawa Sensei was working at and remained there for several days transmitting to him the secrets of Daito-ryu…

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