Video: “Absolute Proof of the Roots of Morihei’s Aiki Ken!”

Of special interest is the first section of footage in the Kashima Shinto-ryu clip as it contains a demonstration of the first kumitachi of this school that was later incorporated by Morihei Ueshiba into his Aiki Ken. This and many other weapons techniques form part of the Iwama Aikido weapons curriculum disseminated by Morihiro Saito Sensei, 9th dan, from the 1970s forward…

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  1. Pranin Sensei, Have you studied the weapons techniques that were passed down by Tohei? I wonder if they are from O’Sensei or if they are more of Tohei’s interpretation. As I’m sure you know Jogi one bears many similarities to Saito’s 31 count Jo Kata.

    • Yes, I did have some exposure to Tohei Sensei’s 23-count jo kata in the mid-1960s. This was adapted from what he learned from O-Sensei early on in Iwama. There are many similarities with Saito Sensei’s 31-jo kata and these two kata obviously have a common source.

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