New video series: “Cutting to the chase,” by Stanley Pranin


“When I awoke this morning and checked the stats on youtube,
I found that over 1,100 people had watched this video.”

Aikido Journal Editor Stanley PraninYesterday, I published the first of a new series of video blogs. It’s title is “Iriminage — O-Sensei Style.” The purpose of this video is to present the essential points of Morihei Ueshiba’s iriminage, one of the most sophisticated and iconic of Aikido’s techniques. The video contains a series of images from both the prewar and postwar eras that demonstrate O-Sensei’s way of executing iriminage.

The video blog itself is very short, exactly 2:08 in length. Scene changes consist of “cuts” exclusively. This type of editing technique creates a quickened pace, and allows for the inclusion of a surprising amount of information within a compressed time frame.

My thinking in producing the type of video is as follows: Our lives are busy, and we tend to consume content in small chunks. We don’t retain very much of what we read. We prefer to watch videos. The viewing of a video, with its combined visual and audio components, results in a higher retention rate in our minds compared to the written word.

The challenge for me in planning this type of production was to choose a very narrow topic, make the content easy to understand, and keep the video short and to the point. This video says, among other things, “I work for you in support of your interest in aikido. I respect that your life is filled with a cacophony of competing information inputs of which this video is merely one. If I have conveyed the idea that Morihei Ueshiba’s execution of techniques is a worthy subject of study for today’s aikidoka, then I have succeeded with this video.”

video-statsWhen I awoke this morning and checked the stats on youtube, I found that over 1,100 people had watched this video. I am very encouraged and am hard at work on the next video blog!

Thank you one and all!

Click here to view Stanley’s Pranin Video Blog: “Iriminage — O-Sensei Style” on youtube


  1. Mr. Pranin, thank you so much for your immeasurable contributions to the art of Aikido and to all of us who train in it and live by its philosophy.

    When training with the bokken I have seen a techneique at the end of a cut in which there is a flick of the bokken as though to cast off blood. Is there a Japanese term for this technique and if so what is it?


    Larry Poppert

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