“Fallow Field – Clearing the Weeds,” by Nev Sagiba


“When life takes you away from training, do not worry. Because Aikido is natural and follows the principles of the Universe, it is like a food garden. When you have been away and return, it may have become overgrown with other herbs, but when you return and clear it there will be a rich crop growing quietly underneath…” – Morihei Ueshiba


The fallow field principle was well know for renewing and enriching the earth before the days of unbridled ignorance and greed in mere mortals, fostered the illusion that recently invented and ultimately obsolete, toxic chemical imbalance somehow knows better than eternal God and Nature.

In a like manner, recovery time enriches us as human beings. Everything in the Universe progresses in cycles. Time out is a natural thing.

When you return to training or any skill there will be some work clearing the, “rust and dust from the joints..” but you will find that the accrued credit from previous training will have gained interest. It is a natural law of the universe. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you. You’ve in truth lost nothing. It is lying fallow, waiting to be resurrected.

Do this gradually and progressively, with care and attention.

Indeed there will be times when a change, a break or a good rest from training is the best thing you can do. It will allow the accrued interest to mature and multiply. That inner kingdom which is yours to augment is of immense value.

Whilst you may not consciously notice the gain immediately, it soon becomes evident.

Ever had a break, and on your return newly inspired, people ask; “Where have you been training?” I’m not sure how it works but it works as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. Perhaps your training during the break was on the “inner realms,” where the natural wisdom of the unconscious (or superconscious) mind made vital augmenting adjustments.

Don’t feel bad about it. Allow the time out to take its course. Allow the rest and recovery. Allow yourself to be. Allow the universe to wrought the new refinements and changes that augment your being. Allow yourself to relax into the process. It is entirely natural.

The neuronal file paths of the body-mind connection never leave. They may sometimes need a rest but will always revive better than ever if you train well and true.

After a few weeks of renewed training practice you will find that you will be sailing again and this better than ever before.

Learn to observe and understand the cycles of nature. They give Life! Aikido, at it’s core is the life giving principle of accommodation that inevitably reconciles all possibilities, if not sooner, then certainly later.

Nev Sagiba


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