Download Aikido Journal #102: “Even if you cut off my head, it has no more effect than stroking the spring breeze that whispers now across these fields.”

Contents of Aikido Journal Number 102, 1995

● Editorial – Can competition enhance O-Sensei’s Aikido?, by Stanley Pranin
● Letters to the Editor
● Interview with Kazuo Chiba, by Stanley Pranin
● Improvisations, by Ellis Amdur
● The Omoto Religion and Aikido – Part 5, by Yasuaki Deguchi
● Coping in a Violent World, by Dennis Fink
● Famous Swordsmen of Japan: Kanenori Dengoro Kurokochi, by Yoshinori Kono
● Takemusu Aikido — Shomenuchi yonkyo omote, by Morihiro Saito
● Sokaku Takeda & Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, by Stanley Pranin
● Interview with Rick Stickles(1), by Derek Steel
● Classical Martial Arts & Ways, by Meik Skoss
● Photo Gallery: Three Generations of the Ueshiba Family
● Thoughts & Opinions, by James Williams
● The Book Page, by Diane Skoss
● Heard in the Dojo
● Events & Announcements
● The Last Word, by Diane Skoss

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