“Value Yourself,” by Nev Sagiba

“You are relevant! Do not EVER let anyone suggest otherwise!”

“It’s only me!” How often do you hear this? Only! Only?

Conversely, that same deep insecurity gives rise to much posturing and aggression in males. Notwithstanding, it arises from the same fear of absolute annihilation that resides deep in the core of each human soul; right next to that Divine spark which is a particle of the Godhead Itself! The Eternal part.

You are not the dancing shadows of poverty, struggle, human suffering that take such great personal courage to endure. Nor are you the passing phases of illness, addiction, paranoia, foolish behaviour, money-fear of losing it, anger or aggression.. endless lists of the attitudes, afflictions and actions of futility.

Does life have purpose? Some say it does and others say it does not.

Regardless, we are here, now. We live. We can shine. We can reclaim ourselves. It does not matter what method, what arts, what sciences, what personal disciplines you use to reclaim integrity and personal responsibility for deliberately navigating life… It is possible!

You don’t have to measure up to anyone else. You don’t have to beat anyone else. And.. you don’t have to try to be anyone else! You are you and you are you perfectly. Don’t let this sleep. You are full of latent possibility, talent, ability and creative potential. No one exists who is not!

Why then? Why then are most of us drones? Why do we fear and kowtow to wrongful, misused authority? Why do we strangle ourselves with debt? Why do we allow ourselves to be duped into believing the lie, the greatest lie of all time.. that we have little or no worth?

No-one exists who has no worth. No one can. You, we each, contain the wisdom of infinity, the radiance of a million suns and the life force of eternity. Sure, much of it is locked, but if we exist for any reason at all, it is to find ways to unlock our true potential. Eating drinking, defecating, passing wind and water is merely incidental to maintaining the machine of consciousness, sentience and mobility, the Hito Jinja, the Temple of the Living God, if you will.

So the temple has to be maintained, swept, nourished.. but is that the all of it? The resigned to indignity make of it a hovel of insanity and sad habits. No-one is bound to ignominy. We each and all have the power of choice, even if by the smallest increment we choose to move towards our goals.

The River of Life, Kannagara no Michi sweeps us along faster than we can take control. Life is too much of a roller coaster from birth to death; BUT WE ARE HERE TODAY!

Indeed life may happen while we make other plans, but at least sometimes we can surf. It may take courage, but nothing ventured means nothing learnt.

Do you realise the immense value of this moment? The whole universe is made new at each millisecond, with each pulse of each and every subatomic particle. Look up, for just a moment.. You are not a set of clothes, a mortgage, a rustbucket of a dysfunctional polluting car, the demands of others and all that other illusory excrement we give life to by buying into the lie. You are none of this. These things are mere shadows passing on the screen of partially formed consciouness… a small percentage of the vast Magnificence.

The matter that compiles your body is carbon based mineral matter as old as existence itself, endlessly recycled from aeons of universes coming into being and disappearing. Even this dust, this stardust, is eternal. Not to mention the origins of the gases and fluids which compose us and enable combustion to permeate our life cycle. The whole universe is in a process of combustion and energy recycling, not only in outer space, but on earth as well and in our interaction with the sun. Inside of our bodies this inevitable combustion gives you birth, life and in due course, death. No-one can change this. It simply is, as it is, and can be no other way. It can be a gift or a curse, but that depends on you, us, our attitudes at each moment of life.

One day you will die. Not if, but, or maybe. You will die and cease to be as you are now known. The same applies to everything and everyone now living. It will all be gone. Interestingly no-one has been able to prove that ANY of the interesting belief systems, hallucinations and fantasies of afterlives are anything more than a convenient myth to stop the living weak from going mad with fear.

Facing death may have a far more empowering effect than some believe. It is of interest that tyrannies throughout history worked very hard to generate misunderstandings about the primordial language of birth, sexuality, feeling, consciousness and death. Usually by manipulating fear into the equation. But you are all of these and they were always with us. We all are. What is there to fear?

Good Budo training enables you face life and death equally.

When we cease to fear ourselves we become impossible to manipulate. This is very dangerous.. but only for tyranny. It is beneficial for everyone else and each and every human advancement in medicine, science, awakening, social uplift and all the beneficial and uplifting things that raise us above the reptiles and make us human, were brought about by the fearless, spiritual warriors. Individuals who decided to discard fear and know themselves and therefore the Universe.

It matters nothing if you ever get attacked, or win any play fight or not. That you have attained victory over yourself, a lifelong path of creativity, matters everything! In fact, it makes all the difference. The essence of that is what goes with you forever, wherever it really is forever goes to.

So, despite everything. Despite all the crap life may be throwing up at any given moment, meet it like a warrior. Face on. Glare at it. Take it on. Beat it, even if only in your attitudes. Stand up for what you know are your human and Divine birthrights. Let no son-of-a-bitch, whether a street punk or a politician, or all between ever f**k you over.

Reclaim yourself. Be yourself. Take charge of yourself. Know who you are. Cry out to the universe: I Am A Warrior! Live a peaceful, respectful and creative life but also know when to act to protect your rights. Those inalienable rights that enable you to be a human and not a slave.

Value yourself and your true value will emerge and nothing will be able to stop it. Nor the great light that comes with that and touches the world infecting all in its path with invincible love, value, goodness, truth, uplift and spirit.

You are relevant! Do not EVER let anyone suggest otherwise!

Nev Sagiba

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