Free pdf download of Aiki News #79: “Look what’s inside!”


● Editorial – Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu: The Present State of Affairs by Stanley Pranin
● Katsuyuki Kondo Interview , by Stanley Pranin
● Kiyoshi Nakakura Interview (2), by Stanley Pranin
● Response to John Stevens (2), by Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Daitokan
● Japanese for Aikidoka
● Essay on Jigoro Kano of Judo, by Minoru Mochizuki
● Morihei Ueshiba Biography (8), by Kanemoto Sunadomari
● Sokaku Takeda Biography (6), by Tokimune Takeda
● An Aikido Life (2), by Gozo Shioda
● Essay on “Gorin no Sho”, by Toshio Watanabe
● Heard in the Dojo
● Letters to the Editor

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