“Penetrate the Soft and Absorb Force,” by Nev Sagiba

“The best time to train is when you think you are “too tired” to train. That’s when the, “juice” begins to extract!”

When cowards meet in the field of combat nothing happens. They all slink away.

Paradoxically this may also seem to happen with the enlightened, giving a similar appearance.

We’ll come to the distinction later.

Before the sporty mindset ever entered into the consciousness of man, battle was a strategic event which required killing the opponent.  Killing is hard work as no-one dies easily. Unlike the movies appear to portray, battles lasted for a few hours and then withdrawal to rest and refresh became necessary in-between waves of activity, unless the resources could afford to work in shifts, as did for example the Roman Empire’s killing machine used for invasion.

A great deal was learned by the survivors of those ancient battles. Often by way of error. Strategy arises when resources become low and fine increments begin to matter. Exhaustion gave rise to the relaxed or tired essential movements of jujutsu, in-yo or aiki. Aiki is the basis of all strategic competence.

Quite early it was found by all but the most retarded of egotistical dunderheads, most which were exterminated in the field, that clashing, force to force is mostly an exercise in futility, unless you have infinite resources. Where are the Romans now? They ran out of oomph. The case rests on this repeatedly proven fact of history. War is ultimately more expensive than the perceived returns. This will never change. A good reason to keep war as a last resort when everything else has been tried and for those rare instances where none of the alternatives have worked.

So, if doing nothing neutralizes into a non event and clashing causes the depletion of resources on the way to crushing the evidently weaker, what then?

Why is there a relationship? What is the relationship? What manner of energy exchange is transpiring? What are the perceived gains? Theft? Real and authentic defense? What is going on and why is it going on?

More importantly what goes on and must go on when energy resources start to dwindle? Indeed before that if some measure of wisdom is in place!

Real and subtle strategic implementation follows clear and lucid perception. This will give rise to the spiral flows of: In-Yo, Ai-Ki or Go-Ju, in essence: to Penetrate the Soft and Absorb Force. Nature has been exchanging energy in this way since the dawn of time. It forms the original marketing in the economy of life and nature which commerce is as old as the world, indeed older. Exchange of ki forms the basis of all universal and natural energy flows to be found at the foundation of all strategy, supported by attention to details, leverage, mind-control, positioning and some other key aspects. Nothing is new. Humans copy universal predispositions.

If your Aikido is merely the mimicking of shapes without understanding what forces and predispositions of possibility those shapes allude to, you are not practicing Aikido. If you fail to understand the predispositions behind those foundational shapes, you are living in a realm of self deception. Sorry to be hard but the truth is cruel. The killing fields of ancient battlefields are to this day fertilized with the blood and bone of self deluding hypothesis.

War is a ruthless arbiter of unmitigated scientific actuality. Guessing has no place. What you know can save you. What you fail to know can kill you.

The “spirit” back of techniques, kaminagare, reveals itself through practice until the mind is too tired to confabulate, imagine, interpret or distract actuality and begins to notice the predispositions that reside in the nature of things.

The best time to train is when you think you are “too tired” to train. That’s when the, “juice” begins to extract!

As for the difference between cowards and the enlightened in the face of imminent battle, cowards will forsake that which they should be protecting because they are too insipid to face death or psychological discomfort in service to others. To the enlightened it is a conscious decision whether to engage or not. Once the protected are safe, it becomes unnecessary to engage. If, however protection is still necessary, the enlightened will fight to the death, usually that of the aggressor.

This with clarity and detachment.

In today’s civil society the battles are mostly fought with words, paper and ink over matters of correcting wrongdoing or malfeasance, but the principles are the same. And equally, moral cowards will slink away, choosing to remain victims and leave the confronting to others, whilst “thinking nice thoughts” in sterility.

Nev Sagiba

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