Video: Aikido’s Versatile Weapon… Morihiro Saito: “Highlights of the Aiki Jo”

The exact origins of the Aiki Jo remain somewhat of a mystery. Some have found traces of Morihei Ueshiba’s jo movements in the “juken” or rifle with bayonet he practiced as a young soldier. Others point to the influence in the Aiki Jo of the “yari” or spear that he studied with intensity during the Ayabe period. It might also be noted that the Founder was exposed to many classical systems due to his wide network of associations in martial arts circles. Whatever the sources of his jo may be, by the 1950s in Iwama Morihei had elaborated a rather extensive array of jo exercises and katas that enhanced his empty-handed forms, and his ability to adopt the perfect stance, distancing, thrusting and striking skills when executing aikido…..

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