A Biography of Rinjiro Shirata – Part 3, by Kozo Kaku

“When I faced O-Sensei, his eyes appeared large and his ‘ki’ came towards me with great energy. When facing him, all my ‘ki’ would be absorbed and my power ended up amounting to nothing…”

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  1. Tom Collings says:

    My 2 trips up to Yamagata to train with Shirata Sensei and his students was pure joy. His students were both the strongest and kindest I found in Japan. At 67 years old Shirata
    had boundless energy and enthusiasm – almost none of us young guys could keep up. He got a great kick out of that. What a wonderful man! I hope his students still teach
    his class at the Yamagata City Budokan. If so, get there and train!

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