“Ranking, an Aiki Perspective,” by Francis Takahashi

Some cynics may point out that grading, while arbitrary, and not necessarily conforming to any universally established or accepted standards, is an excellent method of acquiring and keeping students who pay the bills. This viewpoint may especially be applicable on reviewing how children and youth programs are administered, and have successfully been run…

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  1. Thank you Takahashi Shihan for developing and explaining so well this ever timely topic. Again you present us a real masterpiece.

    For many, the black belt is the only goal and when they reach it, unfortunately some leave the art, without thinking that they really did their first step; that to wear a black belt and have a certificate is of no use if one does not keep training; that it’s not an ended career; that to be a black belt is not a state, but a work in progress, where you must keep training regularly .

    Anyway if your teacher proposed you for a promotion, it is because it is well deserved and everyone inside also knows if he merits it.

    I think that if you reach a black belt and successive Dan grades, you get a responsibility and my personal opinion is that in a martial art such as the aikido, it should include the growth of the person not only in the technique, but also as a human.

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