Kanshu Sunadomari: “The 10th dan you never heard about!”

It turns out we needn’t have worried because Sunadomari Sensei gave one of the most unusual and polished performances I had ever seen. His aikido was totally different from any other. Kanshu Sensei’s technique was dynamic and flowing with a great emphasis on the principle of kokyu. He had a peculiar way of using his wrist and forearm to break uke’s balance with impeccable timing. Kanshu was a small man, but it was obvious he had discovered some subtle ways of generating power that no one had seen before. He also showed bokken and jo kata that were completely original. Kanshu capped off his demonstration with several spectacular multiple-attack defenses that were superbly executed. When Sunadomari Sensei’s performance had concluded, he and his students received a resounding round of applause.

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  1. Stephanie Folk says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I studied with Sunadomari Sensei from 1995 through 1997. He was an incredible instructor and I have never seen anything like his technique in any other dojo. The other person pictured in the video still here is Terumasa Hamada Sensei, who continues to teach Manseikan Aikido in Sunadomari Sensei’s tradition.

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