Morihei’s Ueshiba Juku, Launchpad of a Martial Arts Career, by Stanley Pranin

The second myth was that Morihei Ueshiba had something akin to a “star” status within the Omoto religion that placed him almost on a par with Onisaburo Deguchi, and that he was somehow a “non-member” member of the sect. (1) This view, too-in retrospect absurd on its face-proved easily refutable after a cursory research into Morihei’s involvement in the religious sect. In this article, I will focus on the events surrounding the launch of Morihei Ueshiba’s career as a martial artist on opening his “Ueshiba Juku” in 1920, and the role of Onisaburo Deguchi, co-founder of the Omoto religion, in introducing the aikido founder as a “martial art kami (deity)” to the rapidly growing Omoto religious network..

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