Advantages of ebooks over printed books for the aikidoka

Ebooks — that is, books in digitized form that are downloadable to a wide variety of computing devices — have gained a major foothold in the publishing world. Amazon now sells more digitized books than printed works. Aikido Journal has embraced this trend and now offers many titles in both ebook and tangible versions. Here are some of the major advantages of ebooks over their physical counterparts. Ebooks are far cheaper, typically selling for 1/3 to 1/4 of the price of regular books. Since ebooks are delivered electronically, there is no more paying of postage or customs fees, a boon to customers are the world. Also, the world’s postal systems can’t lose these books because there are not involved in their delivery at all! And for many, one of the main benefits to ebooks is that there is almost no wait time for delivery. In most cases, customers are able to download their digital copies in a matter of minutes… and we keep a backup copy for you “in the cloud.”…

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  1. Hi Stan,
    Have you any plans to release books in some of the popular ebook formats (maybe you do already?). The layouts (of the freebies and from what I can see in the book descriptions) can make the text hard to read on the smaller 6″ kindle style ebooks that are popular for travel. I get it might not be a simple process

    • It’s difficult because most of our books are photo intensive and don’t lend themselves well to a variable format like text does. It’s PDF for now.

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